•  For-Profit Private Clinic
  • All service chargeable


  • We offer STD test and treatment.
  • We have no expertise in Counseling.
  • Test menu starts at AED 500
  • No arrangement for insurance direct billing
  • Test of cure is chargeable.

 Turnaround Time for Result

  • Same day result is for conventional blood tests. PCR tests and culture take two days for the result.
  • In exceptional circumstances, we may fail to meet the deadline. Accuracy of the result, not the early result is our priority. 


  • Evidence based, ethical treatment is guaranteed.
  • Cure is not guaranteed.
  • Drugs may have unintended side effects. (Every effective medication has a potential side effect)
  • Infections may recur or may be reacquired.  
  • We do not treat HIV. Treatment of HIV is currently not available in Private clinics in UAE. 
  • Hepatitis treatment involves Gastro-enterology referral.